Investment projects

Construction of railway complex

The complex was built in 2013 for the needs of container and grain terminals

  • 5-track railway yard with effective length of rail tracks of 500m
  • Total effective length – 4,346m
  • Container terminal uses double-track lines with length of 450m each
  • Simultaneous reception of 2 block trains

Modernization of terminal infrastructure

  • Purchase and launch of high-tech Liebherr Postpanamax STS crane which brought the total number of terminal STS cranes to 4 units
  • Purchase of new mobile crane Liebherr. Total number of units at NUTEP - 2
  • Relocation of railway tracks allowed to free the territory for expected doubling of container storage capacity

Modernization of terminal infrastructure (2014-2015)

  1. UTEP will increase storage capacities by 1,100 TEU using reach stackers with further increase to 2,100 TEU using two RTG cranes
  2. New infrastructure for::
    • new Berth#38 (sewage treatment areas)
    • increase of efficiency of operations and improvement of working conditions
    (new warehouse, administrative building, control room, site improvements pavement works)

Constriction of Berth#38

Construction of the unique deep water container berth

  • The only berth in Novorossiysk capable to serve ocean container vessels
  • Depth – 15,6m, length – 340m
  • Total area - 4 ha
  • Total annual throughput capacity is planned to amount to 700 ,000 TEU

NUTEP considers options for further terminal development.